Convert very large JPEG images to PDF

XFINIUM.PDF 6.7 brings support for JPEG to PDF conversion with very low memory consumption for very large images (hundreds of megabytes).

Create PDF/A documents with XFINIUM.PDF library

XFINIUM.PDF 6.6 brings support for PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3. PDF/A (ISO 19005) is an ISO-standardized version of the PDF format specialized for use in the archiving and long-term preservation of electronic documents.

PDF rendering with external graphic engines

XFINIUM.PDF 6.4 brings support for using external graphic engines, such as GDI+ or Skia, when rendering PDF files.

Flow Documents – part 3 – pdf tables

Support for pdf tables is available in XFINIUM.PDF library through the flow content API and PdfFlowTableContentclass.

XFINIUM.PDF supports NET Core 9

PDF development for NET Core platform is now possible. Starting with XFINIUM.PDF 6.3 support for .NET Core is included in Cross Platform Packages. All XFINIUM.PDF functionality, both in Standard and Professional editions, is now available for .NET Core platform. Evaluation XFINIUM.PDF packages are now listed on To install XFINIUM.PDF Standard for .NET Core, run ...

Create table of contents in PDF documents 4

Create table of contents in PDF documents
With the release of XFINIUM.PDF 6.2 the table of contents can be generated automatically for flow PDF documents.

Extract text and images from PDF pages

Extracting text and images from PDF pages for additional processing is a common requirement for many software projects. XFINIUM.PDF library can extract text, images and vector graphics from PDF files at various levels, from low level PDF operators to high level visual objects.

Flow documents – part 2

A flow document it constructed by adding multiple flow content objects to it. The flow content objects are added to the document using the PdfFlowDocument.AddContent() method.

Flow Documents – part 1

Flow documents let you create good looking PDF files fast and easy. You just pump content into them and they take care of all the layout tasks.

Flow layout documents

XFINIUM.PDF 6.0 brings support for creating PDF files in flow layout mode.