PDF watermarks

PDF watermarks
A PDF watermark is a recognizable image or pattern in page used to identify authenticity or to convey some information about the document status (Confidential for example).

SVG to PDF conversion

SVG to PDF conversion
SVG to PDF conversion is available starting with XFINIUM.PDF 5.3.

Type3 fonts 6

Type3 fonts
XFINIUM.PDF 5.2 brings support for creating Type3 fonts and drawing text with them. The PRO version bring support for rendering Type3 fonts in PDF files.

PDF to TIFF – Convert PDF files to multi-page TIFF images 4

PDF to TIFF - Convert PDF files to multi-page TIFF images
XFINIUM.PDF 5.1 brings support for native PDF to TIFF conversion. What this means is that we implemented a full TIFF encoder so that this functionality is now available on all platforms.

PDF to Image – Convert PDF pages to images 6

PDF to image, the conversion of PDF pages to images, is one of the most requested features and it is now available in XFINIUM.PDF 5.0 Professional Edition.

Simple HTML to PDF conversion 23

Simple HTML to PDF conversion
The arrival of formatted content in XFINIUM.PDF 4.4 brings the possibility of implementing simple HTML to PDF conversion using XFINIUM.PDF library.

Redaction of sensitive information in PDF documents 4

Version 4.3 of XFINIUM.PDF brings support for enhanced PDF redaction of text and images and support for redaction annotations.

Geospatial PDF and CAD measurements

Geospatial PDF and CAD measurements
XFINIUM.PDF 4.2 brings support for creating geospatial enabled PDF files and CAD measurements.

XFINIUM.PDF as a Portable Class Library 10

XFINIUM.PDF 4.0 has been released a few days ago and it brings support for a very requested feature: support for Portable Class Libraries. The XFINIUM.PDF product is now available also as a  Portable Class Library in the form of Xfinium.Pdf.Pcl.dll assembly.

Create and fill PDF forms in .NET 6

XFINIUM.PDF library can both create new PDF forms and fill existing PDF forms. Each type of form fields supported in the PDF specification is represented by the corresponding class: PdfTextBoxField – textbox fields PdfCheckBoxField – checkboxes PdfRadioButtonField – sets of radiobuttons PdfComboboxField – comboboxes PdfListboxField – listboxes PdfPushbuttonField – push buttons PdfSignatureField – signature fields